atgprep: A Scheduler for NASA audio Files

I maintain an extensive collection of air-to-ground audio recordings from many Mercury/Gemini/Apollo-era missions. Each year, I play through the air-to-ground from Apollo 11;
Neil and Buzz landed on my 12th birthday, so that mission holds special significance for me. Year after year, I would think of playing the audio in real time. This year (2015),
I finally got around to writing a program to do it.

atgprep works as a front-end to the UNIX job scheduler atd(8). The ground elapsed time at which an audio clip begins is coded into the file name; atgprep then reads through
a directory containing the clips and submits a job to play the clip at the appropriate time. In this, it is essentially an automated and specialized form of at(1).
All you have to do then is go about your business while you enjoy the history.

atgprep is known to run under Ubuntu 12.04 and on Raspberry Pi. The current version is atgprep-1.0.

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